Since 1895

About Tamer Frères sal

Tamer Frères sal implemented a governance system with respect to business conduct and compliance.

Tamer Frères sal remains a pioneer in the leadership of each of its activities and will maintain that principle with multinational also worldwide leaders in their activities.

Jean Tamer ambassador head of mission to the United Nations at Geneva within the Commonwealth has signed the GATT agreement on April, 15th 1994 and gave birth to the World Trade Organization with 123 heads of governments.

Tamer Frères sal has been the first company in Lebanon having implemented the ISO Rules.

A Message From The Chairman


With all the turmoil surrounding us, the only weapon left to support our defense to survive remains productivity, despite our budgetary discipline out of order in those circumstances.

With a low productivity, we would be carried away by the tide into instability, insecurity, with no future vision.

After the government resignation on October 29th, we are in a political deadlock worsening the economic and financial crisis.

We should recognize that we are living into a world with no understanding, democracy having turned down liberty, with no respect to governance, political conflicts, corruption leading our country to bankruptcy.

We should recognize that we are in the heart of the storm between East and West.

Since I started business in 1963, Tamer Frères has been overwhelmingly engaged with respect to different points of views.

Tamer Frères sal History


Gergi Tamer establishes Tamer company in Beirut. Business was mainly in agriculture.


Fouad, Philip and Fawzi Tamer join the company marking the beginning of the second generation. Politics are forbidden in the business.


Tamer company is registered under Tamer Frères sal. Fouad Tamer (president) – Philip & Fawzi Tamer (member of the board): Great expansion in industry & trade: Paint Industries, Vegetables oils, Cotton, Renault Cars.


Philip Tamer withdrew from Tamer Frères due to his involvement in politics. Fouad and Fawzi presided the board by alternation for 1 year terms.


Fouad Tamer retired and Fawzi Tamer took over responsibilities as President of the board.


Jean Tamer joins the company in the position of assistant to the president, and as the first member of the third generation.


Head Quarter moved to Sin el Fil, after having it’s head office at Avenue Georges Picot destroyed by the war in the City Center of Beirut.


Jean Tamer took over responsibilities as President of the board after Fawzi Tamer passed away.


Tamer Frères registered into foundation at Liechtenstein, at Marxer & Partner law office.


Jean Tamer joins the United Nations at Geneva, as Ambassador of Belize in the Commonwealth.


Ambassador Jean Tamer signs the GATT agreement, as head of government for Belize. The GATT agreement gave birth to the WTO after 5 years of negotiation on 26,000 pages.


Tamer Freres sal received the ISO 9002 certification from BSI, to become the first totally family owned group in the Middle East, to have such attestation for its full and diversified business.


Simone Tamer has joined the group as the first member of the fourth generation after graduating in Business Administration and completing her MBA & Harvard Executive courses.


Joan Tamer has joined the group after graduating in Finance and completing her MBA.


Sharon Tamer has joined the group after graduating from Business Administration and Law.


John Junior Tamer has joined the board of Tamer Frères sal after graduating his degrees in Engineering, Executive MBA and Finance from J.P Morgan.


Tamer Frères sal was upgraded to ISO9001-2015


The Tamer group of companies evolved its expansion into several sectors engulfing trade industry, consultancy, engineering, finance, security printing and humanitarian developments.


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