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With the words of Mr. Jean Tamer

More than 120 years have passed since we initiated our quest for excellence; Tamer Frères has grown to become a modern vibrant company by always being unique in all of its diversified activities and divisions including Health, Watches & Jewelry, IT & Banking Solutions, Chemicals & Raw Materials, and Tobacco.

Our involvement with luxury goods began in 1963 when we introduced the popular perfume PATRA throughout Lebanon and the Middle East. In 1968, the CEO of PATRA urged me to study the watch business and convinced me to join the Audemars Piguet family. In addition, we chose to broaden our product line and acquired Breitling in 1980, followed by Omega and Swatch.

1976 was a fantastic year full of fresh beginnings, as we were granted Christian Dior’s agency, including writing instruments, timepieces, and leather products. Tamer Frères later acquired the “Tabak Original Eau de Toilet” scent for Lebanon and the Middle East. We also reached an arrangement with Mr. Pierre Arpels, a member of Van Cleef & Arpels’ board of directors, to create a new fragrance.

We helped create the perfume Charles Jordan in 1977 and sold it throughout Lebanon and the Middle East.

In 1978, we added to our brand portfolio Lancaster based in Monaco, Payo beauty goods, Pavlova perfumes, and Gucci to our range of products.

In 1976, I began contacting Montblanc in Hamburg to purchase writing instruments and was recommended by the owner of Montblanc to acquire the firm for half a million Deutsche Mark; However, due to time constraints, I left it for the next meeting and it was sold to a British company. We began distributing Montblanc in Lebanon in 1978 and opened a beautiful boutique in Down Town Beirut alongside the Omega and Swatch boutiques. We had over 17 luxury boutiques, primarily in Beirut, that were all destroyed by the Beirut explosion, which completed the destruction of all our renewed boutiques on August 4, 2020.

In 1980, I introduced Nina Ricci fashion and accessories to our collection, as well as Hubert and Givenchy fashion for Lebanon and the Middle East.

Lancel began working with us on accessories and leather in 2015, and we opened our first stores for Audemars Piguet, Nina Ricci, and Givenchy in Lebanon and in the Middle East.

In conclusion, we live in a very hostile environment where we face many challenges over the years but Tamer Frères is all about sustainability, quality, and excellence.

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