Our Watchmaker’s Expertise

Whether you require partial or full servicing or a battery replacement, our watchmakers will be happy to help. Our certified watchmakers receive regular training. They repair and service the watches that are entrusted to them with the utmost care.

Our Quality is Guaranteed

After a complete overhaul, Tamer offers a two-year service warranty on all the work that has been done. This warranty excludes damage caused by an accident or improper handling of the watch.

Quick Service

Our watchmakers can change the battery of your watch. They check that the watch is waterproof according to the manufacturer’s standards. Afterwards, they clean the case and strap. And if you wish, they can replace your strap by a new one.

Maintenance Service

Every year, we advise you to check your watch’s chronometric performance,
functionalities, water resistance and magnetization.

Partial and Water Resistance Service: To ensure the water resistance of your watch, our watchmaker disassembles and cleans the watch, checks the movement, changes and replaces any tired parts.

Complete Maintenance Service: When your watch stops working properly, our watchmakers settle it through a 10-step process to ensure that after the complete service it works perfectly.

Polishing Service

You can request that your watch’s case and bracelet be polished when complete maintenance is necessary to preserve the watch’s appearance and original form. We recommend no more than three to five cosmetic refreshes during the life cycle of your watch.

All working case and bracelet parts that exhibit symptoms of wear are replaced. The case as well as the bracelet are polished.

In order to help you find the watch strap you’re looking for; we offer an extended search option. We provide the fitting as a complementary service. Self-interchangeable straps and buckles are available on some versions and may be purchased as an accessory.